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  • WP All Import Setup Guide

    This setup guide will run through a typical setup of the GD-WP All Import extension from start to finish. Overview You can use the GD-WP All Import extension to import your listings from anywhere, be

  • How to Allow posting without logging in when using WP Engine hosting

    Some hosts using aggressive caching techniques and are known to cache not only pages but also URL parameters and cookies. When using the feature to allow posting without login, if you are with WP

  • How do I remove the WP Admin bar for non-admin users?

    Some themes add a WP admin bar for all users that are logged in. This code, if added using the Code Snippets plugin, will remove the admin bar for all users except for administrators:

  • GeoDirectory Blocks Access to wp-admin?

    By default, GeoDirectory does not allow registered user roles such as Listing Owners and Subscribers to access the WordPress admin panel. This is a failsafe setting, so that registered users cannot

  • WPML Multilingual Setup Guide

    This setup guide will run through a typical setup of the GeoDirectory WPML Multilingual extension from start to finish. Overview The GeoDirectory WPML Multilingual extension helps you translate

  • WPML - The WordPress Multilingual Plugin

    WPML makes it easy to create a multilingual GeoDirectory site. All that is required is the Multilingual Blog plugin. Settings WPML > Languages > Language URL format: select Different languages in

  • How to Translate Custom Fields with WPML

    If your site is in more than one language, you can use the WPML plugin to manage translations and translated content. The instructions below may vary slightly with different versions of WPML. The

  • Can I use GD on WordPress Multisite?

    If you are running a WP MultiSite installation, the process of installing GeoDirectory is slightly different. This article will enumerate certain important things to bear in mind when running GD on a

  • GeoDirectory and Caching Compatibility

    GeoDirectory v2 was specifically built with caching in mind. As such, GeoDirectory v2 is compatible with all caching solutions such as WP Rocket, WP Super Cache, LiteSpeed Cache, and more. Other

  • Complianz Integration with GeoDirectory - Setup Guide

    As of version, GeoDirectory integrates with Complianz | GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent WP plugin. Note that you need to have both the Complianz WP plugin as well as the latest version of

  • Adding License Keys on WordPress Multisite

    If you are running a WP MultiSite installation, the process of adding license keys is slightly different. This article will enumerate certain important things to bear in mind when running GD on a

  • What makes GeoDirectory Widgets Special?

    The Problem In WordPress, developers have 3 different ways to output content; Widgets Shortcodes Blocks (Gutenberg Editor) The problem is that all 3 are created in different ways. As a result,

  • Why do I get a 404 Page Not Found error?

    When you make changes in the backend of your website, you may have to re-save WP permalinks if you get 404 errors (Page Not Found). Fixing 404 errors Go to WP Settings > Permalinks and re-save your

  • Frontend Analytics Setup Guide

    This setup guide will run through a typical setup of the Frontend Analytics WP plugin from start to finish. Overview The Frontend Analytics WordPress plugins allows you to add a button to the

  • How to install a GeoDirectory Demo

    Installing one of the GeoDirectory Demos can be quick and easy. To get started you will need a fresh, empty WordPress site. Installation of a demo will overwrite other content on your site, so it

  • How to Install an Extension (automatically)

    Free extensions can be installed immediately, paid extensions require a valid license. Automatic Installation This only works on a live website, if you are running a localhost website: Install our WP

  • Install AyeCode Connect (help widget)

    AyeCode Connect is our service plugin, it will connect your website with your user account on our website and let you: Install any paid extensions or themes. Enable automatic updates (just like

  • License keys

    License keys are only required for paid extensions. GeoDirectory core does not require a license key. If you have paid addons then you will also have license keys that will allow you to activate the

  • Upgrading from GDv1 to GDv2

    This article outlines the process of upgrading from GeoDirectory v1 to v2. For most installations, the upgrade process should go smooth and not take more than a few minutes. However, for highly

  • How to allow users to add and edit their GeoDirectory listings?

    GeoDirectory comes with built in features to allow your site visitors to add and edit their own listings, all from the frontend - and all these features are included in the free GeoDirectory plugin

  • CSV Imports - Useful Tips

    How to get Sample CSV file to prepare to import listings In short: Add your custom fields and categories ( How to Add a Custom Field to CPT? ) Add your own sample listing (Add one with just the

  • Change Background Color of "No listings were found matching your selection" Notice

    By default, the "No listings were found matching your selection." notice appears on a blue background when you are searching for a given key phrase and nothing relevant is found. You can change its

  • How to set up AJAX search

    Advance Search 2.2.2 introduces AJAX Search functionality. With AJAX search enabled visitors can make changes to search bar and filter options and see results without reloading the page. Settings

  • Widget Show / Hide Options

    Most GeoDirectory Widgets contain the Show / Hide Options pictured below. GeoDirectory uses WordPress pages as templates for most main content. This lets users edit templates with no coding knowledge

  • How to Display GD Content in Avia Theme?

    Avia is a popular WordPress builder that is used in several WP theme that comes with its own templates as well as layouts and blocks. Generally, when you wish to display GeoDirectory content you will

  • How to adjust keyword suggestions

    GeoDirectory makes it easy for users to browse to suggested contact by displaying suggestions in a drop down from the 'search for' field in the search bar. You can adjust which suggestions are

  • GD > Post Images

    All Widgets come as Widgets, Shortcodes or Blocks. Learn more about our Super Duper Widgets. The Post Images widget outputs images from any image custom field. Some features include; Output a single

  • How to filter search results by category?

    GeoDirectory makes it easy for users to browse by category, and the Advanced Search Filters addon makes it possible to filter search results by category. Get the Advanced Search Addon for

  • How to remove the Events Custom Post Type

    The Event Manager does not automatically delete event listings and the events CPT on deactivation of deletion of the plugin. This is so in order to protect your data, and is also the case with the GD

  • Maps Have Stopped Working On My Site!

    Sometimes, your GeoDirectory site might stop displaying maps on the frontend for some or all listings. Even though listings may have the correct address details, maps will still not show up on the

  • GD > Search

    The GD > Search widget shows the GeoDirectory search bar. The search bar can be used search listings created with GeoDirectory. All Widgets come as Widgets, Shortcodes or Blocks. Learn more about our

  • GD Archive Item - Change the length of the text shown with GD Loop and GD Listings

    The GD Archive Item is the template that is displayed when you use the GD Loop and GD > Listings shortcodes. The GD Archive item is a WP Page that has shortcodes in it, and each shortcode shows

  • How to Adjust the GD Search Bar with CSS

    CSS snippet can be added to the WordPress Customizer, found at WP Admin - Appearance - Customizer - Additional CSS Target CSS to a specific page If you only want the CSS change to apply to a search

  • Settings Overview for GD > Settings > reCAPTCHA

    This is the Settings Overview for the GD > Settings > reCAPTCHA page. In order to access these settings, you need to install and activate the GD reCAPTCHA extension for GeoDirectory plugin. reCAPTCHA

  • Elementor Pro - Getting Started

    Please see our blog about how to use Elementor with GeoDirectory Note: The Elementor Page Builder will convert WP Page content into a text editor. Make sure to transfer these shortcodes into a new

  • GD > Archive Item Section

    All Widgets come as Widgets, Shortcodes or Blocks. Learn more about our Super Duper Widgets. This is a template widget and should only ever be used on the GD Archive Item template page. The GD

  • How to Prevent GD JavaScript from Loading on non-GD Pages?

    At times, you might not need GeoDirectory JavaScript to load on certain pages of your site. For example, you may have blog posts or sections of your site with custom styles and JS. In such cases, it

  • Can I Change my Payment Card?

    If you wish to change the payment card used for your subscription renewal payment please follow the instructions below: PayPal PayPal is constantly changing its layout and settings, if you find these

  • Using Tags in GeoDirectory

    Much like WordPress Posts, GeoDirectory CPTs too support tags of their own as custom taxonomies. Listing Tags can serve a wide range of purposes. Better Organization The most straightforward usage

  • Menu Items

    GeoDirectory offers several unique menu items available in the Wordpress menu settings. Note: This guide discusses how to add GeoDirectory-specific navigation on the frontend. Using the Setup Wizard

  • GeoTheme to GeoDirectory Tutorial

    Before you start: BACKUP EVERYTHING! (yes that is me shouting) Make sure you have the latest GeoTheme (GT) installed (3.7.1). Make sure your WordPress (WP) is up to date (4.5+) For this tutorial we

  • GD > Ninja Forms

    All Widgets come as Widgets, Shortcodes or Blocks. Learn more about our Super Duper Widgets. The GD > Ninja Forms widget lets you display a Ninja Forms form on the frontend. You need to use the GD

  • GD > Post Meta

    All Widgets come as Widgets, Shortcodes or Blocks. Learn more about our Super Duper Widgets. The GD > Post Meta widget can output any information about a listing in a nice formatted way. All raw post

  • How to use GeoDirectory Conditional Tags

    You may want to show widgets only on certain pages and GeoDirectory produces a wide variety of 'Conditional Tags' that can be used to turn a widget or block on or off. Interpreting and putting the

  • Managing Classifieds and "Sold" Functionality in GeoDirectory

    GeoDirectory v2.1.1.5 has added support for classifieds and real-estate sold functionality. This feature lets you list certain properties as "For Sale", wherein you can mark them as "Under Offer", or

  • Understanding "Expired" and "Closed" Listings

    GeoDirectory adds two custom post statuses for all CPTs -- Expired and Closed. Each of these statuses is different from the other. This article will explain the basic differences between the two.

  • List Manager - Setup Guide

    This setup guide will run through a typical setup of the List Manager extension from start to finish. List Manager lets users create and save their own special lists of places. For example, “Must try

  • How to Import/Export Data?

    It is easy to import and export your data from or to a different GeoDirectory installation. To accomplish this, you will need to head to the Settings > Import/Export menu. There are four broad types

  • Code Snippets plugin

    Code Snippets is a free WordPress plugin that provides an easy, clean and simple way to add code snippets to your site. It removes the need to add custom snippets to your theme’s functions.php file.

  • AyeCode Connect Settings

    This article will explain what each AyeCode Connect settings do when enabled. Plugin and theme update notifications. This setting will enable update notifications and the ability to update our paid