Using Tags in GeoDirectory

Much like WordPress Posts, GeoDirectory CPTs too support tags of their own as custom taxonomies. Listing Tags can serve a wide range of purposes. 

Better Organization

The most straightforward usage for Listing Tags is to group and organize listings in a better manner. Each tag gets an archive of its own -- this archive page uses the GD Archive page template and can be customized via page builders, to add elements such as Google Maps, and so on. 

Filter Listings

You can use Listing Tags to filter and sort listings. For instance, you can use GD Map and GD Listings widgets to show listings for only a specific tag. 

You may also use GD Post Badge to set a badge for a specific tag to display it with a specific color and an icon easily. Just use 'is_contains' and then write your tag for the value to match. 

You can also display tags using the GD Post Meta element. 

Can Anyone Edit Tags? 

By default, CPT tags follow the same access rules as WP native tags. However, you can make them "admin-only", so that only administrators can add, edit and delete Listing Tags. 

Head to CPT > Settings > Custom Fields. Locate the Tags custom field. 
Check the box against Admin Only Edit? option. You might need to click the Show Advanced  option to display this particular setting. 
Save your settings. 
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