WPML Multilingual Setup Guide

This setup guide will run through a typical setup of the GeoDirectory WPML Multilingual extension from start to finish.


The GeoDirectory WPML Multilingual extension helps you translate GeoDirectory custom fields, and allows your listing owners to click a link to create a new translation of their listing - through the frontend. 

For a full list of features see the WPML Multilingual product page. 


  1. Install WPML 
  2. Install the GeoDirectory WPML Multilingual extension Guide
  3. Set the GD > Post WPML Duplicate widget on the GD Details page template.

The widget is often placed in the sidebar, just under the GD Author Actions widget.

It is noteworthy that you will need to setup WPML plugin in order to translate your listings to multiple language. Read the WPML documentation for details

Adjust Settings

Once installed and activated, the only setting is located at CPT > Settings > General page. Upon clicking the "Show Advanced" button and scrolling down to the WPML section, you will find an option to allow users to translate their listings from the frontend: 

The WPML Multilingual extension comes with sane defaults meaning the default settings will work for the majority of users.

Setup GD Pages and Templates

All GD pages and templates will need to duplicated and translated with the WPML settings found in pages. They must be recreate for in each language that you configure via WPML. This includes the Search, Archive, Listing Details, Add listing, Location and other such pages. The archive item does not usually need to be translated.

You can utilize the WPML metabox in the backend to add additional translations for each page. Once again, you should refer to WPML documentation for further details about its usage. 

Translate Categories

Use the WPML built in features to translate categories. Listings are required to save a listing translation. Make sure you have translated all your categories before you start duplicating listings.

Custom Fields, Title and Meta

When adding more than one language to your site, you should refrain from editing your titles and meta at GD > Settings > General > Titles & Meta. 

Instead, you should use the WPML String Translation addon to translate your titles and meta. Similarly, for custom fields as well, you should avoid using the CPT > Settings > Custom Fields section when working with multiple languages, and rely on the String Translation addon for WPML. 


To translate listings:

  1. Visit the listing
  2. Use the links in the GD Post WPML Multilingual widget to create new translations. 
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