How to Change Date and Time Notations?

By default, the date and timepicker in GD follows the 12-hour notation, wherein it goes from 0-12 pm and 0-12 am. You can, however, change it to 24-hour notation with the help of a simple code snippet. 

Changing Date and Time Notation

Simply use the following code snippet to change the date and time notation to 24-hour model: 

/* Listing Business hours to 24hr timepicker. */
function gd_snippet_listings_times_24hr( $params ) {
	$params['time_24hr'] = true;
	return $params;
add_filter( 'ayecode_ui_calendar_params', 'gd_snippet_listings_times_24hr', 11, 1 );

We recommend using the Code Snippets plugin for adding code snippets to your site. 

Furthermore, if you wish to change text strings and further customize or localize GD, you should consider going through our guide to translating or localizing GeoDirectory

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