AyeCode User Interface (AUI)

AUI for GeoDirectory 

AyeCode User Interface, or AUI, is an easy to use and nimble UI design based on the popular Bootstrap framework. AyeCode UI loads the bare minimum amount of CSS and JS, thereby providing better pagespeed results and an overall faster performance. 

More importantly, AUI offers a neat look across all browsers and devices, regardless of which theme you are using. 

How to Activate AUI in GeoDirectory? 

If you are a new user, AUI is activated by default (for GD versions 2.1 and higher). 

For existing GD users, the legacy styles are retained and AUI is deactivated by default to avoid messing up your site design. You can manually switch to AUI as follows: 

Head to GD > Settings > General > Developer. 
Select Bootstrap in Default Design Style and save your settings. 
AUI is now active on your site. 

AUI Color Settings 

You can tweak the API color settings from the Customizer. 

Navigate to Appearance > Customize. Locate the AyeCode UI field. 
You can adjust the Color Settings as per your wishes, and then save your changes. 

How to Change the Font Size? 

To change the HTML font size, head to Settings > AyeCode UI and then edit the Font Size accordingly: 

How to change the Bootstrap version?

WP Admin - Settings - AyeCode UI - Boostrap -> Choose your version here

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