Can I Change my Payment Card?

If you wish to change the payment card used for your subscription renewal payment please follow the instructions below:


PayPal is constantly changing its layout and settings, if you find these instructions outdated just let us know and we will update them.

PayPal ( personal account )

Quick links:

PayPal ( business account )

Currently, business accounts have to change the funding source per subscription.

  1. Find your GeoDirectory Subscription here
  2. In the list, click the merchant name to view the specific subscription.
  3. Scroll down to "Funding Source", if you have multiple cards or banks you should see a link to "change" the source. 

Quick Links:

Stripe ( If you paid directly with a card on our site )

  1. Visit your account subscriptions page:
  2. Click the "Update Payment Method" link on the subscription you wish to update.
  3. Insert your new card details and click "Update Payment Method"

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