How to Allow posting without logging in when using WP Engine hosting

Some hosts using aggressive caching techniques and are known to cache not only pages but also URL parameters and cookies. When using the feature to allow posting without login, if you are with WP Engine, Flywheel, or Cloudways then you may need to contact your host to help you enable this feature.

GeoDirectory works with all caching, however, posting while logged out requires validation of one cookie for security reasons.  

For this feature to work with advanced caching you will need to contact your host and ask for the following two page URL arguments to be added to the cache exclusion.

  • listing_type - This enables the add listing page to work correctly.
  • preview - This enabled the preview page to work correctly (if you are not showing the preview button this can be ignored)

If the host does not have settings for page URL argument exclusion, there is another route you can take.

We have prepared the following letter that you can amend with your details and send to your host. Make sure to update the Add Listing page URL. If you need to find that URL, try adding it as a Menu Item.

Hello Support Team,  

We need to bypass caching for the page url & cookie to enable an advanced feature on our site.  

Exclude following page and cookie from caching:  

Page   : and all starting with

Cookie : _gd_logged_out_post_author  

Could you please bypass caching for the requested page url & cookie?  


Note: Change to your website url

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Contact Cloudways Support

Contact FlyWheel Support

Contact WP Engine Support

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Error on add listing page: You do not have the privileges to perform this action.

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