GeoDirectory Blocks Access to wp-admin?

By default, GeoDirectory does not allow registered user roles such as Listing Owners and Subscribers to access the WordPress admin panel. This is a failsafe setting, so that registered users cannot break the site accidentally. 

However, you may suddenly find yourself blocked from access WP admin yourself, despite you being the site admin! If this is the case, read on to find the solution. 

GD is Blocking Admins from Accessing WP Dashboard?

Technically, this is not a GeoDirectory-specific problem. The issue arises when your admin user account has more than one user role. For instance, your user roles may be set to admin as well as subscriber. 

In such cases, you will find yourself locked out of your WP site. Such user roles are often set by other plugins, especially ones that are used to manage user accounts and roles. 

The solution is easy. Deactivate (or hop on to your site via FTP and rename the GeoDirectory plugin folder) GD, then edit your admin account and remove the additional user role therein. Now, when you reactivate GeoDirectory, you will find that the admin account can easily access WP Dashboard. 

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