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This is a template widget and should only ever be used on the GD Archive Item template page.

The GD Archive Item page template is what is used to display individual posts on archive page loops such as categories or search. 
Archive pages have view options that change the individual post views from a List to multiple different grid views.

Find your GD Archive Item template at

WP Admin - GeoDirectory - Settings - General - Pages - GD Archive Item - Edit

From the list view example below, you get the best idea of what this widget does. The listing image and content are separated left and right, this widget is used to open and close HTML wrappers that separate the left and right content parts.

Grid view Example:

List view example:

Widget Options

All settings for this widget are advanced settings, reveal them by clicking the button next to save.

  • Type - This defines if it is an opening or closing section type.
  • Position - This defines if it is a left or right section.

Example Usage

In the GD Archive Item page template, below are examples of usage.

Shortcode usage example

Block usage example

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