Settings Overview for GD > Settings > reCAPTCHA

This is the Settings Overview for the GD > Settings > reCAPTCHA page. 

In order to access these settings, you need to install and activate the GD reCAPTCHA extension for GeoDirectory plugin. 

reCAPTCHA Settings

  • Captcha Version - Select the version of Captcha to be used on the site.
  • Captcha V2/V3/Invisible Site Key - Specify the Site Key for your Captcha. Note that if you have selected Invisible Captcha, V2 keys won't work, and vice versa.
  • Captcha V2/V3/Invisible Secret Key - Specify the Captcha Secret Key.
  • Captcha Title - The title to be displayed above the Captcha on the frontend -- if left blank, no title will be displayed.
  • Captcha Theme - You can choose whether to use the Dark or Light theme for the Captcha, depending on your site's theme.
  • Enable reCAPTCHA - Select the pages or forms for which reCAPTCHA needs to be enabled: 
    • WordPress Registration
    • WordPress Login
    • WP Comments (includes GD reviews)
    • GeoDirectory Add Listing (Recommended)
    • GeoDirectory Claim Listing (Recommended)
    • BuddyPress Registration (Optional; use only if BuddyPress is active on your site)
  • Disable Google reCAPTCHA for (A) - You can choose to disable reCAPTCHA for specific user roles, such as for administrator accounts.
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