How to Install an Extension (automatically)

Free extensions can be installed immediately, paid extensions require a valid license.

Automatic Installation

This only works on a live website, if you are running a localhost website:
  • Install our WP Easy Updates plugin from here:
  • You will then be asked for a license key when clicking "Install" from the extensions screen.

The easiest way to install any extension is to connect your site using our AyeCode Connect plugin.
Follow the below steps to connect your site.

  1. In the WordPress backend, click  GeoDirectory > Extensions. 

  2. You should see a notification with a button, click the button Connect Site.

  3. You will be taken to our parent company website where you can log in and confirm the connection by clicking Connect.

    You can use your login from any AyeCode product eg: GeoDirectory, UsersWP or WP Invoicing

  4. After step 3 you are returned to your site and are now connected. 
    You can now install any Extensions you have a valid license for.

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