Maps Have Stopped Working On My Site!

Sometimes, your GeoDirectory site might stop displaying maps on the frontend for some or all listings. Even though listings may have the correct address details, maps will still not show up on the Listing Details page. 

This happens due to JS conflict with WP caching plugins.

The Problem

  • Maps may not work correctly in certain web browsers, especially Microsoft Edge. 
  • Further, maps may fail to load only on mobile devices. 
  • This issue is mostly persistent for logged out users. 

The Solution

The fix is easy -- this is a caching issue, and not a GeoDirectory problem per se. Simply flush the cache of your WordPress cache plugin, and your maps will start loading. 

If the problem persists, locate the Load JavaScript Deferred option for your particular caching plugin, and disable that option. You may need to consult your caching plugin's documentation.

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