How to install a GeoDirectory Demo

Installing one of the GeoDirectory Demos can be quick and easy.

To get started you will need a fresh, empty WordPress site. Installation of a demo will overwrite other content on your site, so it should only be done on a fresh empty site.

1. Install a new plugin called "AyeCode Connect"

In the WP Admin dashboard head to the menu option "Plugins" and look for a button to "Add New". 

Click the "Add New" Button and as the page refreshes look for the search bar. Enter "AyeCode Connect" and select the plugin.

Once installed, then activate the plugin.

2. Select and Install a Demo

Hover over the new menu option "AyeCode" in your WP Admin Dashboard 

Select the secondary menu item "Import Demo Data"

Choose the demo you want and click the button to install.

That's it!

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