AyeCode Connect Settings

This article will explain what each AyeCode Connect settings do when enabled.

  1. Plugin and theme update notifications.
    This setting will enable update notifications and the ability to update our paid plugins and themes exactly like normal WordPress functionality.
  2. One click addon installs, no more license keys.
    This option will sync your license keys from your account every 24 hours, or simply disable and then re-enable to sync instantly. This option will also install WP Easy Updates.
  3. Documentation and Support Widget.
    This setting enables the help widget on GD's settings pages.  The widget show links specific to the page you are on and can be used to open a support ticket.
  4. Temporary Support User Access.
    This option lets you give our support agents  temporary access to your site to be able to fix issues. When opening a support ticket you may be asked to enable this option or you can enable it in advance if you think your support request will need it.

Temporary Support User Access Notes

We built our Support Access feature to be as secure as possible, below are some of the security features and benefits.

  • Only you (admin of your site) can enable this feature.
  • It can be manually disabled at any time which will logout the Support User and remove the account.
  • Auto expires 3 days after activation, so it can never be permanently left active.
  • The support user account is only created when an agent uses access.
  • The support user account has no email address so it can never have its password reset.
  • The support user account password is never known and never used.
  • The support user account is removed after 3 days or when the feature is disabled.
  • Our support agents need two separate logins and 2-factor authentication (2FA) to be able to use this feature.
  • Our team never sees any "login info".
  • Compromise of your database or our database (or both) would not result in login access to your site.
  • Compromise of your files or our files (or both) would not result in login access to your site.


Support Access can be blocked with the use of any of a variety of plugins. To allow our support team access please allow traffic from UK, AU, NL, USA, IN, MY, ID, and SG.

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