Create a Category

All listings require at least one category otherwise they will not show.

  1. In the WordPress backend, click Places > Place Categories. 
  2. On the left-hand section of the page, you will see the form to create a new category.
    For a details explanation of every input field please see [@TODO].
  3. Name - Fill out the category name with the category you want to use, it is usually best to use a plural term here such as Cars instead of Car. 
    This is the only required field, however, we recommend filling out the below fields as a minimum.
  4. Category Icon - Setting a category icon without setting a Map Icon image will auto-generate a Map Icon based on the Category Icon + Category Color values.

  5. Category Color - Setting a category color will help to create a custom Map Icon. (the category color is also used in other settings around the site).

  6. Schema Type - If a schema type exists for your category type then it is best to set one, this can will tell search engines what data to expect and in some cases, Google will show Scheme specific information in search results.

From here you can submit your category and it will be available as an option when adding a listing.

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