Settings Overview for Locations > Neighbourhoods

This is the settings overview for Locations > Neighbourhoods page.

You need to have the Location Manager addon installed and activated to access this page. 

Locations > Neighbourhoods is visible only when the Neighbourhoods option is enabled Settings > Locations (tab) > Settings (sub-tab). 


  • Bulk Actions (Dropdown) - Lets you delete neighbourhoods in bulk.
  • All Countries (Dropdown) - Filter neighbourhoods by country.
  • All Regions (Dropdown) - Filter neighbourhoods by country and region.
  • All Cities (Dropdown) - Filter neighbourhoods by country, region and then city.
  • Name - Name of the neighbourhood.
  • Slug - Slug of the neighbourhood.
  • Latitude - Latitude of the neighbourhood.
  • Longitude - Longitude of the neighbourhood.
  • Location - Location (address/vicinity) of the neighbourhood.
  • Image - Image of the neighbourhood.
  • Listings - Number of listings for that particular neighbourhood.
  • Edit (Icon) - Edit meta info for that particular neighbourhood.
  • Delete (Icon) - Delete that particular neighbourhood. 

To learn how to add or edit a neighbourhood, read this guide.

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