Settings Overview for Locations > Regions

This is the settings overview for Locations > Regions page. 

You need to have the Location Manager addon installed and activated to access this page. 


This page lists the regions that have been added to your directory in a tabular form, much like WordPress lists pages and posts. Here is a preview: 

  • Region - Displays the region name.
  • Slug - Displays the region slug.
  • Country - Displays the country of the region.
  • Image - Displays the image for that particular region. 
  • Cities - Number of cities added to that region.
  • Listings - Number of listings for that region.
  • Edit Button - You can use the Edit button on the far right to edit meta data and other info for each specific region.

All Countries (Dropdown)

For bigger sites with multiple countries and regions, you can use the dropdown at the top to display regions by country. You need to select the country from the dropdown menu, and the regions of that particular country only will be shown in the list. 

Editing a Region

The Edit Button is at the extreme-right of the Regions list. 

Upon clicking the Edit Button, you can edit details such as meta title, meta description, location description, featured image and image tagline.

General meta information for all locations can be set under GD > Settings > Titles & Meta, here you can specify unique info for the location.

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