How to Add a New Neighbourhood?

If you are new to Location Manager, you should read "How to Add a New Location" first. Location Manager lets you add Country > Region > City to each location.

Optionally, you can also add one or more Neighbourhood to every city. 

Adding Neighbourhoods in Location Manager

By default, when you first install Location Manager, Neighbourhoods are not enabled. 
To manually enable neighbourhoods, you need to go to Settings --> Locations (tab) --> Settings (sub-tab). Upon scrolling down to the Enable Locations section, you'd find the "Enable Neighbourhoods" option. 
Once done, a new Neighbourhoods sub-tab will appear under the Locations tab. 
Learn more about Locations > Neighbourhoods here
Now, you can add Neighbourhoods from the backend itself. Head over to Settings --> Locations (tab) --> Cities (sub-tab), and in the list of cities, you'd find an Add Neighbourhood button. 
Once clicked, the button will take you to the Add Neighbourhood page which is prefilled with the city details, and you can simply input the neighbourhood name. Optionally, you may click See Address on Map button to see the neighbourhood on the map. 
You can add meta title, description, featured image and image tagline for the new neighbourhood. 
Once done, the neighbourhood can be found in the Locations --> Neighbourhoods section.
You can now access this neighbourhood when adding a new place. 

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