Settings Overview for Locations > Cities

This is the settings overview for Locations > Cities page.

You need to have the Location Manager addon installed and activated to access this page. 


This page lists all the cities added to your directory.

  • Add New (Button) - Adds a new city.
  • Bulk Actions (Dropdown) - Performs actions such as Delete or Merge multiple cities.
  • All Countries (Dropdown) - Filters cities by a specific country. 
  • All Regions (Dropdown) - Filters cities by a specific region (visible only after selecting a country).
  • Default (Radio Button) - Specifies the default city. Note that the default city cannot be deleted. Read more here.
  • Edit Button (located in the table on the far right position) - You can edit meta data and other info for each city. 
  • Delete Button (located in the table on the far right position) - Delete the particular city.

Bulk Actions

You can use the Bulk Actions dropdown to perform two actions on cities: Delete and Merge.

When deleting cities, you should be aware that all listings for that city will also be deleted.

When merging two or more cities, you need to pick a primary city. The locations for the other non-primary cities will be copied over to the primary city.

Editing a City

The Edit Button is at the extreme-right of the Cities list. 

Upon clicking the Edit Button, you can edit details such as meta title, meta description, location description, featured image and image tagline. Read more here.

General meta information for all locations can be set under GD > Settings > Titles & Meta, here you can specify unique info for the location.

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