How to Test if Your Paid Listings are Working as Expected?

Pricing Manager listings, whether free or paid, work out of the box. However, you can test your listings to make sure everything is working as desired. 

The testing process requires two steps: 

  • You add a paid listing package to your site. 
  • You setup a test/sandbox payment gateway with GetPaid. 

Adding a Paid Pricing Package

Please refer to our guide about adding new pricing packages to CPTs. Bear in mind that unless listings are added to a paid package, users cannot purchase or upgrade to those listings. 

Setting up Test Payment Gateway

Next, you need to setup a test or sandbox payment gateway. Generally, most users tend to go with PayPal or Stripe. We especially recommend Stripe since it is the easiest to setup for testing purposes. 

However, depending on your needs, you might opt for a different payment gateway. Bear in mind, though, your payment gateway of choice should support sandbox payments (some solutions, such as a wire transfer, do not have a sandbox option). 

Once you have GetPaid setup and linked to Pricing Manager, install the required payment gateway extension and set up its sandbox. 

Once all done, you can test your paid listings with the test payment gateway credentials. If everything is working as expected, just replace your payment gateway credentials from sandbox/testing to production/live. 

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