How to Add a New Pricing Package?

Each CPT in GeoDirectory can have its own set of pricing packages. This document talks about how you can add new pricing packages for CPTs.

You need to have the Pricing Manager extension installed and activated in order to access these settings. 

Adding a New Package

First, navigate to CPT > Settings. For instance, in the above image, the CPT is Places, and the section you'd need to head to is Places > Settings. 
Go to the Packages tab. 
Click the Add New button. 

The Add New Package page will open. To describe in detail about the various options available for each pricing package, here is the Settings Overview for "Add New Package" page. 

Settings Overview


  • Name - The name of the package.
  • Title - The title of the package. This value is displayed on the frontend. Pricing Manager extension can auto-generate a title if you leave it blank.
  • Description (A) - The description of the package.
  • Package Icon (A) - The Font Awesome icon of the package (displayed on the frontend).

Price & Lifetime

  • Price - Pricing of the package. Leave empty to make the package free.
  • Package Lifetime - Specify the lifetime of the package in days, weeks, months or years. If left empty, the package lifetime is set to "unlimited".
  • Is Recurring? - If checked, the package is set to recurring mode (auto-renewal). 
    • Recurring Limit - The number of times a given package can be recurring. If set to zero, the package will always renew automatically unless manually cancelled. 
    • Offer Trial? - If checked, the package will have a trial period for the users before payment. 
      • Offer Trial for - Specify the period of the trial days, weeks, months or years. This should not be greater than the package lifetime.


  • Exclude Fields - Select the post fields to be excluded for this package.
  • Exclude Categories (A) - Select the categories to be excluded for this package. If removing a parent category, you should remove its child categories as well. It is not recommended to exclude categories from live packages as users will not be able to remove that category from the frontend.
  • Image Limit (A) - Select the number of images that can be uploaded to listings of this particular package (leave blank for unlimited).
  • Category Limit (A) - Select the number of categories that can be assigned to listings of this particular package (leave blank for unlimited).
  • Tag Limit (A) - Select the number of tags that can be added to listings of this particular package (leave blank for unlimited).
  • Limit Description Characters Length? (A) - If checked, you can specify the maximum number of characters allowed in the description.
  • Limit Posts Per User (A) - Limit the maximum number of posts allowed per user. If set to zero or left blank, unlimited posts will be allowed. The limits are only applicable to non-admin users. 
  • Has Upgrades? (A) - If checked, this particular package can be upgraded to another package.
  • Disable HTML Editor? (A) - If checked, the HTML editor will be disabled in the description field.


  • Is Default? - If checked, this package will be set as the default package.
  • Display Order - Choose the display order of the package (numerical value, 1 and above). This is used for sorting packages.
  • Downgrade to - Choose what happens when this particular package expires. For instance, you can "expire" the listings, or set them to a lower or "free" package.
  • Paid Listing Status - Select status to apply to the listing once payment is received. Select "Default" to apply the status set under Pricing > Listing Expiration Settings > Paid Listing Status.
  • Is Active? - Check to activate the package.

You can specify your package's options here, and then click Save Changes. The new package will be created.

The featured field receives some upgraded automations when the Pricing Manager is installed.

When the featured field is included in price packages, new listings will start with the 'featured' field checked automatically regardless of the 'default status' in the featured field custom field options.

If the listing package is downgraded, then the featured field will be updated automatically. It will be set to checked or unchecked based on whether the field is included in the new price package. 

These automations take place regardless of the 'default status' in the custom field options.

The automations will only be applied if the featured field is not marked 'Admin Only Edit'.

Be sure to check to make sure you have included the featured field in your paid packages so you can easily promote paid listing with GD Listings.

Package Length

Some gateways have specific limits. For example Paypal limits subscriptions to 90 days, so, don't use 365 days for the package - instead use 1 Year. 

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