How to Add "Upgradable" Packages?

Pricing Manager lets you create packages that can be upgraded to another package. For instance, you can have your clients upgrade their existing paid (or free) listing to a higher one, midway during their subscription. 

Adding Packages that can be "Upgraded"

This guide assumes you know how to add a new package.

Head to CPT > Settings > Packages and then click Add New. 
On the "Add New Package" page, click the  "Show Advanced" button. 
Next, make sure the Has Upgrades? option is checked. Be sure to save your settings. 
Now, this package can easily be upgraded to other higher-end packages. 

Points to Note

If a package has upgrades, and there are packages that cost more, then, when your users visits the listing page, they will see gd_author_actions displaying an upgrade link. 

Upon clicking that link, users will be taken to a list of packages that are more expensive than their current package. If they choose a higher-end package, they will be required to pay the pro-rated price of the package. After successful payment, their listing will be upgraded to the new package. 

Bear in mind that upgrading a package is not the same as renewing it. When users upgrade their existing package, new expiry date will be calculated from the date of upgrade -- regardless of how many days are left for the previous package. 

It is worth noting that if the current package is a Recurring Package, active subscription needs to be cancelled prior to upgrade. This is primarily because recurring packages are handled via external gateways such as PayPal, and users might be billed twice -- once each for the older package and the new one -- if active subscription is not cancelled before upgrading. 

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