Permalink Settings

This article talks about Permalink Settings for GeoDirectory.

It is strongly advised that you choose your permalink structure early, when building/deploying the site.
You can change permalinks later, but you will have to check for dead links then, as dead links may adversely affect your SEO.

Working with Permalinks 

All permalink settings in WordPress can be found at Settings --> Permalinks.

You can modify the permalink structure for your posts and pages, categories and tags as well as GeoDirectory CPTs and taxonomies here. 

Common Settings

You can choose any of the options here, except Plain.

How to Change GeoDirectory Permalinks?

First, go to Settings --> Permalinks.
On that page, you will find GeoDirectory Permalinks. This section handles the permalink settings for GeoDirectory CPTs. 
By default, it uses the place/place-name structure. But you may change it to display the full location or full location with category. Alternatively, you may use any of the available snippets such as %country% or %region% and so on. 

How to Change GeoDirectory Taxonomy Base Slugs? 

The process is similar, and you will first need to navigate to Settings --> Permalinks.
Scroll down to section GeoDirectory Taxonomies.
You may add a custom base slug for your GeoDirectory Categories and Tags here. Once done, simply click Save.

GeoDirectory taxonomy base slugs cannot be blank or match any other base slug in WordPress.

That's all. You may read more about permalinks in WordPress here.

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