Add Dummy Data (Recommended)

This article will explain how to add dummy data to GeoDirectory. To get started, you need to head over to Settings --> General (tab) --> Dummy Data (sub-tab). 

Dummy data is useful if you want to quickly populate a site for client review or to see how GeoDirectory manages content types.

Adding Dummy Data to GeoDirectory

You will need to select the data type for each CPT that you wish to import as dummy data. You can also set the number of items to import. For instance, we are selecting the "Property for Sale" data type for our Places CPT and importing 10 items: 

The "Update page templates" option will update the template pages to be able to show specific custom info. For eg, price for dummy data if it includes prices, etc.

If you have made custom changes to the archive item or details page templates, "Update page templates" will override them.
Thereafter, you just need to click "Insert Posts", and GeoDirectory will take care of the rest. 

Installing the Advanced Search addon before starting dummy data import will add extra search fields to non-default data types.

Once you are done building your site, to remove dummy data, you may simply click the "Remove Data" button on the same page: 

That's all. It is worth noting that when working with the CPT addon, each CPT will show up for import with its own settings. Similarly, if you are using the Events addon, the Events CPT will have its own special dummy data types.

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