Setup Wizard

The GeoDirectory Setup Wizard is the easiest way to get your directory up and running in just a few minutes.

It is recommended that you choose your theme first. 
You can change your theme later, but you may have to re-do your menus and widgets, or run the GeoDirectory Setup Wizard again.

Let's Go!

The setup wizard will automatically start after the plugin activation.  It is highly recommended that you run through the setup wizard. However, if you prefer not to, the setup wizard can be re-started anytime while on any GeoDirectory page by clicking the help tab (top right) > Setup Wizard.


The maps section deals with setting up a map provider on your site. The options are Google maps (requires API key) or Open Street Maps (OSM) which requires no key.

  • Maps API - Automattic is the recommended setting, this will try to load Google Maps if possible but if for some reason it fails it will automatically load Open Street Maps. (Google maps may fail to load in countries such as China or Cuba, in these cases, our unique system will fallback to Open Street Maps)
  • Default map language - This sets the language requested by the map and can determine spellings of locations added.  It is important to set this to the required language before adding any listings or you may have to merge locations later.
  • Google Maps API KEY - Google Maps will only work if you set an API key.  Instructions on how to obtain one are listed below the settings input.  Google gives a free tier which is suitable for most small directories.  This setting is not required if using the free Open Street Maps option which required no key to work.

Default Location

This is the core location of your directory.  The easiest way to set the location is to simply drag the map or the marker to the location you want to use.

If you have any issues the " Show Advanced" button at the bottom left will reveal the exact settings which can be edited to your needs.

You are limited to adding listings to this default location. The Location Manager addon is required to add listings in multiple different locations.

Recommended Plugins

Here you can install some of our recommended plugin's if you wish.

  • Ninja Forms - If you require any type of contact form then it is recommended to install Ninja Forms.
  • UsersWP - GeoDirectory leaves user login and registration as the WordPress default system, this was done so that any user profile system can be used with GeoDirectory.  UsersWP is our own take on a lightweight user login, registration, and profile system.

Quick Content

This section allows you to quickly set up some basic content on your site as a starting point.

  • Dummy Data - Select the dummy data type you require (Default Places, Property for Sale, Property for Rent, or Classifieds). Installation can take a little time while dummy images are downloaded in the background.
  • Sidebars - This will install some basic widgets in a sidebar of your theme to complement the info shown on the single and archive pages.  You should select the sidebar used on "pages" of your site as our templating system uses pages. These widgets will only show on pages then need to.
  • Menus - Selecting the main menu used on your site, this will add GeoDirectory specific links to it.  You can adjust these menu items at any time using the default WordPress menu system.

Awesome, your directory is ready!

Congratulations, the basic setup is done and you can start customizing your directory!

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