Claim Listings Setup Guide

This setup guide will run through a typical setup of the Claim Listings extension from start to finish.


The Claim Listings extension allows your visitors and business owners to submit their "claims" for listings. Business can verify their ownership of their respective listings using this simple extension. Here is what this extension has to offer: 

  • A simple claim button that can be placed anywhere using a shortcode, widget, or Gutenberg block.
  • Lightbox Popup Claim form on the frontend.
  • Ninja Forms Integration (free) to quickly and easily create claim forms.
  • Pay to Claim feature, that can be achieved in combination with our Pricing Manager extension.
  • Auto Approve Claims via email verification or on receipt of payment.
  • Manually Approve or reject claims after reviewing claim info.
  • Undo Claims that were previously approved in case of accidental approval or other nefarious reasons. 
  • Email Notifications for both the directory owner, as well as business owners about the status of submitted claims.
  • Display a Verified Listing badge anywhere using our “Post Badge” widget, shortcode, or block.

For a full list of features see the Claim Listings product page.


The first step if you haven't already, is to install the Claim Listings extension. This can be done by following our guides on how to install an extension.

Step 1 - Settings

Once installed and activated, you can find the Claim Listings settings at GeoDirectory > Settings > Claim Listings.

The Claim Listings extension comes with sane defaults meaning the default settings will work for the majority of users, however, there are many customizations that can be done via the settings, for a full explanation of what all the settings do please see our settings overview.

If you wish to auto-approve submitted listing claims, you can do so in the settings section by going to GeoDirectory > Settings > Claim Listings > Settings.

Step 2 - Adding the "Is Claimed?" Field

The next important step is to add the "Is Claimed?" custom field to the available fields. You can do so by heading to CPT > Settings > Form Builder and then moving the "Is Claimed?" field to the available fields section. 

Without this step, the "Is Claimed?" widget may not show up in the sidebar. 

Step 3 - Managing Claimed Listings

First, you will need to add the Claim button on the frontend. You can use our GD > Post Claim widget to add a claim submission button to any widget area, or within content areas as a shortcode or block. To do so, please see the guide about Post Claim button.

All Widgets come as Widgets, Shortcodes or Blocks. Learn more about our Super Duper Widgets.

If you have enabled auto-approval of submitted claims, Claim Listings will approve each claim after email verification. For manual approval, you can navigate to GeoDirectory > Settings > Claim Listings (tab) > Listing Claims (sub-tab) and then approve, reject or delete the submitted claims therein. You may read the detailed guide about managing claimed listings.

Step 4 - Integrations

You can use Ninja Forms WordPress plugin to create claim forms and display them using our GD > NInja Forms widget. Read more about using Ninja Forms with Claim Listings extension

Similarly, to create "Pay to Claim" listings, you can use our Pricing Manager extension in assonance with Claim Listings to create custom paid packages for Claim Listings. Read more about paid listings

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