How to Manage Claimed Listings?

Each time a listing claim is submitted, you have the option to manually review it prior to approval or rejection. Should you wish to, you may setup automatic approval of listing claims. 

Automatic approval depends on email verification of submitted listing claims.

Setting up Automatic Approval


Navigate to GeoDirectory > Settings > Claim Listings (Tab) > Settings (Sub-Tab).

Under Claim Listings Options, tick the checkbox next to " Auto approve via email verification?". 

Now, each time a claim is submitted, a verification email will be sent to the submitter. If verified successfully, the claim will be auto-approved. 

Manual Review of Claimed Listings

Navigate to GeoDirectory > Settings > Claim Listings (Tab) > Listing Claims (Sub-Tab). This is where you will find all the approved, pending and rejected listing claims for your site. 
You may click the View link to view the claimed listing's details. 
You may then click Approve to approve a listing claim, or Reject to reject it, or Delete to send it to trash. 

After approval, if you wish to un-approve a listing claim, you can do so by heading to the Listing Claims under Approved, and clicking Undo for that particular claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some often-asked queries regarding what happens when a user puts up a listing and it is claimed by the business owner: 

Who does the listing belong to after the claim is made? 

The claimant. 

Will the user who originally posted the listing still be able to edit the listing after a business has successfully claimed the listing?

No, the original poster will no longer be able to edit the listing. 

On the posting user's profile (frontend), will the listing still appear, after a business has successfully claimed it? 

No, the listing will now show up only on the new claimant's profile. 

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