How to Setup Pay to Claim Listings?

You can use Claim Listings extension alongside Pricing Manager to set up "Pay to Claim" listings. 

You need to have the Claim Listings and Pricing Manager extensions installed and activated in order to access these settings. 

How it Works?

The general rule of thumb here is to create two packages, the first being the one with lesser features, say Package A. Thereafter, you can create a new package with additional features, say Package B.
Now, in Package A, you may simply set Package B as the package of choice for the Claim Listings Settings value. 

Setting up "Pay to Claim" Listings

Head to CPT > Settings > Packages.
Click Edit for the Package that you wish to edit. 
You will need to click "Show Advanced" button, and then scroll down to Claim Listings. This is where you can select the package that needs to be selected when claiming listings. 

To create "Pay to Claim" listings, it is advisable to select the higher-end package as a paid package. 

Now, whenever your visitors attempt to claim a listing, they will need to select the paid package specified in Claim Listings.

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