Integrating Ninja Forms with Claim Listings

GeoDirectory offers seamless integration with the Ninja Forms WordPress plugin. You can choose to add a GeoDirectory Contact Form or a Claim Listings Form using Ninja Forms. 

This article will walk you through the process of adding a Claim Listings form using Ninja Forms. 

Before going any further, make sure you have installed and activated both Claim Listings extension as well as Ninja Forms WordPress plugin. 

Creating the Claim Listings Form

First, you will need to create the Claim Listings form if you haven't already done so. Navigate to Ninja Forms > Add New.
Select GeoDirectory Claim Form from the list of form templates. 

The GeoDirectory Claim Form template comes loaded with all the hidden fields necessary to integrate Ninja Forms with Claim Listings extension. 

Customize the form as per your requirements, and then publish it. 

To learn more about the Form Builder itself, please refer to Ninja Forms documentation. 

If you have the Pricing Manager extension installed and enabled, you may also add an additional field to your form GD Claim Package. This lets users select the package for claim listings and is helpful if you wish to implement the "Pay to Claim" feature. 

Using Ninja Forms with GeoDirectory

GeoDirectory-specific forms created using Ninja Forms plugin can be implemented on the frontend using the GD > Ninja Forms widget.

Once you have added the widget, select the Claim Listings form that you just created. 

Make sure the "Post Contact Form" checkbox is unchecked. This option is used to contact the listing email field, and not to submit claims. 

You can learn more about GD > Ninja Forms widget on this page

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