Settings Overview for General > Search

This is a settings overview for the General > Search page.

Search Bar Settings

  1. Search Field Placeholder Text - Edit the placeholder text for the search text box.
  2. Near Field Placeholder Text - Edit the placeholder text for the near text box.
  3. Search Button Label (A) - Edit the label text for the search button. A font awesome icon class can be used here.

Search Results Settings 

  1. Search Near Radius - Limits the search radius to the specified number of miles or kilometers. Accepts an integer value, 1-99. 
  2. Search Distances - Specifies whether to show the distance in miles or kms.
  3. Search Distances Short - For shorter distances (less than 0.01), specifies whether to show it in meters or feet.
  4. Search Near Additional (A) - Used to specify an additional place value, if the directory is restricted to one particular region or city only.
  5. Individual Word Search Limit (A) - Specifies whether to include or exclude smaller characters in search (for example, searching for "John Brown" might return "Jo Brown" as well, if disabled).
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