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This is a settings overview for the GeoDirectory > Settings > General page.

Site Settings

  1. Restrict wp-admin - The user roles that should be restricted from the wp-admin area.

Listing Settings

  1. User deleted posts - If checked a user deleted post will go to trash, otherwise it will be permanently deleted.
  2. New listing default status - This is the post status a new listing will get when submitted from the frontend.
  3. Allow posting without logging in (A) - If checked, non-logged in users will be able to post listings from the frontend.

    If using WP Engine hosting, please see this guide to make this feature work.

  4. Show preview button (A) - If checked, a preview button will be shown on the add listing page so uses can preview their post.
  5. Max upload file size (A) - Maximum upload file size in MB, 1 MB = 1024 KB. It must be greater than 0. This setting will overwrite the max upload file size limit in image/file upload & import listings.
  6. Noindex empty archives (A) - If checked, this will attempt to add `noindex` tags to empty GD archive pages.

Map Settings

  1. Google Maps API KEY - Google Maps requires an API key, enter your API key here.  If no key is entered maps will fallback to Open Street Maps (OSM) by default to ensure your maps always work.
  2. Google Geocoding API Key (A) - If the above Google MAPs API key is restricted by HTTP referrers then some import features will not work, in this case, you can enter a separate unrestricted API key for Geocoding & Timezone services.
  3. Maps API (A) - Select the maps API service to use.
    • Automatic (recommended) - This will try to load the Google API first but if it fails for some reason (https issues or country restrictions like China or Cuba) then it will automatically fallback to load the Open Street Maps API. 
    • Google Maps API - This will load Google JS library only.
    • Open Street Map API - This will load OpenStreetMap JS library only.
    • Disable Maps - This will disable and hide maps for entire site.
  4. Default map language (A) - URLs will only be in one language, this will determine the language location slugs. You should avoid changing this after listings have been added.
  5. Default marker icon (A) - This is the marker icon used if the category does not have a marker icon set.
  6. Enable map cache (A) - This will cache the map JSON for 24 hours or until a GD listing is saved.

Tracking Settings

  1. Allow Usage Tracking (A) - Want to help make GeoDirectory even more awesome? Allow GeoDirectory to collect non-sensitive diagnostic data and usage information. Find out more.
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