How Can I Use Custom Locations with Maps API?

You can add custom locations with Location Manager. However, if you are using the Maps API, it might try to set conventional values for locations, such as cities and regions, instead of your custom locations. 

There are three ways to prevent this from happening. 

Translate the Custom Fields

You can translate and rename the fields wherever they are used in text strings to prevent the usage of conventional locations in lieu of your custom locations. 

Read more about translating custom fields.

Prevent the Map Icon from Changing

Head to GD > Settings > Locations. Click "Show Advanced". 
Tick the box against "Disable  set address on map from changing address fields".
Save your settings. 

This will ensure that your custom locations are not overwritten by the Maps API. 

Merging Locations

As a last resort, you can also merge conventional locations with your custom-added locations.

Read more about merging two or more locations

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