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The GD > Ninja Forms widget lets you display a Ninja Forms form on the frontend. You need to use the GD Contact Form or GD Claims Form templates in Ninja Forms to build the form. 

Read more about Ninja Forms integration with GeoDirectory. 

In order to use this widget, you need to have the Ninja Forms WP plugin installed and activated.

Widget Options

  • Form - Select the Ninja Forms form to be used with the widget. 
  • Text - The text to be displayed on the frontend. 
  • Post Contact Form (A) - If checked, the form will be shown only when the email field is filled. 
  • Output Type (A) - You may choose to output the form as a standard form, or as a button or link that opens a Lightbox popup with the form. 
  • Show/Hide Options - Choose where the widget should be shown. You can choose to display it: 
    • Everywhere, 
    • Only on GeoDirectory pages, 
    • Only on specific pages, 
    • Everywhere on the site, excluding certain specific pages.
  • GD Pages - You may choose the pages that should be included or excluded when displaying the widget. 

Example Output

The widget outputs a button (or a simple link) depending on the Output Type that you have chosen. Here is the button output: 

After clicking the button or link, a Lightbox popup appears with a form that the user can fill and submit. 

Alternatively, here is the simple form output (no Lightbox): 

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