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In most cases, this widget will only ever be used on the Add Listing page template. You should link to the add listing page rather than adding this widget anywhere else.

The Add Listing widget is used to display the directory add listing form. The add listing form contains many advanced features such as AJAX auto-saving.  Customers can start adding a listing and return at a later date with all the entered information still available.

Widget Options

All settings for this widget are advanced settings, reveal them by clicking the button next to save.

  • Default Post Type - (default: auto) This can be used to change the default CPT displayed on first load.
  • Show the login links if required - Selecting this option with show login and register links to the user if not logged in and guest posting is not enabled.
  • Login Message - This is the login message shown is login is required to post.
  • Replace container - When a listing is saved the form will be removed and show a saved message. Here you can set a different container to replace in case you also want to remove the page content on save.

Example Output

Below is a partial example of the output.

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