How to Add a Field to Main Search Bar?

It is possible to add a field to the main search bar. However, not all fields support this option. 

You need to have the Advanced Search extension installed and activated to access these options.

You need to access CPT > Settings > Search (tab) section to add fields to Advanced Search form. For instance, this guide uses the Places CPT. You can select fields that can be added to main search bar therein.

Adding Fields to Main Search Bar

Navigate to CPT > Settings > Search (tab). You will find two columns -- the left column has available fields, whereas the right column has active fields in the form. 

You can find details about the Search tab on Settings Overview page.

Click on the field that you wish to add. It will be added to the right column. You need to save each field before adding a new one. 
After adding, you will notice the Show in Main Search Bar checkbox on some fields. These fields can be added to the main search bar by ticking the check box. 

If added to main search bar, that particular field will not show up in the advanced search form. 

List of Supported Fields for Main Search Bar

Following fields can be added to main search bar: 

  • Category (post_category)
  • Video (video)
  • Special Offers (special_offers)
  • Price (price)
  • Property Status (property_status)
  • Property Type (property_type)
  • Property Bedrooms (property_bedrooms)
  • Property Bathrooms (property_bathrooms)
  • Furnishing (property_furnishing)
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