How to Filter Listings by "Open Now"?

As of version, Advanced Search extension allows you to filter and search through listings using business hours.

To access this feature, you will need to have the Advanced Search extension installed and activated on your site. 

Filtering Listings by "Open Now"

"Open Now" simply refers to the listings that are open or accepting guests at the time of search.

Navigate to CPT > Settings > Search.
You need to add the Open Hours (business_hours) field to the search form. You may choose to show it in the main search if needed. 
That's all. The frontend search form will show the Open Now option in the time selection thereafter.

How to Set the Time for Listings?

When creating a new listing, you can set the Business Hours for that particular listing. 

The "Open Now" feature uses the client's (visitor's) system time to filter through listings that are open at a given time.

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