Settings Overview for Advanced Search

This is the settings overview for Settings > Advanced Search (tab).

You need to have the Advanced Search extension installed and activated to access these settings.

Autocompleter Settings

  • Enable search autocompleter - This option enables or disables the autocompleter for search. 
  • Show search suggestions with (A) - You may choose to show auto complete suggestions either from Listings only, or Categories only, or both Listings and Categories. 
  • Min chars needed to trigger autocomplete - The minimum number of characters that the user needs to type before auto complete is triggered.
  • Max results to be returned by autocomplete - The maximum number of results that auto complete will return. 
  • Listings from child category? (A) - If checked, auto complete suggestions will show listings from all child categories as well of a given parent category. if unchecked, child categories will not be searched for suggestions or results. 
  • Enable location filter? - If checked, the search results will be filtered by the current location. This option requires the Location Manager addon to be installed and activated. In the absence of Location Manager addon, the directory is limited to just one city, so location filter is not needed per se.
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