Guide to Moderating Listings

At GeoDirectory, we are constantly checking for newer and better ways to offer you granular control over your site. That said, we have strived to provide seamless integration with WordPress, and all listing moderation options currently are based on the same. 

If you are not accepting or allowing user-submitted listings on your site, you do not need to worry about listing moderation. 

How Can I Moderate Listings?

There are several ways in which you can control which listings get published and which ones are rejected: 

Use ReCaptcha

We have ReCaptcha plugin extension to help prevent fake users, or fake submissions. 
For additional details, check out the ReCaptcha extension page.

Set New Listings to Pending Review Status

You can set the new listings submitted by users to Pending Review. In this case, all of them will need to be checked by you before publishing. 

Set New Paid Listings to Pending Review Status

When working with Pricing Manager extension, each Price package has an option to set new listing status. You can use that to reserve your admin rights to review new listings.

"Report This Listing" Feature

You can add a new contact form using Ninja Forms with a hidden field to capture the listing URL. Label it "Report This Listing" so that your users can report issues with listings to you. 

Request Changes

If you are facing too many spam submissions, you can try to slow the rate of listing submission. In other words, you can force users to submit a form with their change request. Thereafter, you can approve the said changes to listings, or reject them. 
You can accomplish this using the GD > Author Actions widget. Note that for larger sites, this process is not recommended. 
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