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GeoDirectory offers two specialized form templates for Ninja Forms users. This article will cover both the options. 

In order to make use of these integrations, you need to have both GeoDirectory and Ninja Forms installed and activated on your WordPress website. 

GeoDirectory Contact Form

GD Contact Form allows users to contact listing owners. You can add it just like any other Ninja Forms form.

Navigate to Ninja Forms > Add New Form. 
Select the GeoDirectory Contact Form template. 
Edit the form as necessary. You can add or remove any of the fields in the form. 
Once you have saved your form, head to Appearance > Widgets (or the Widgets section in Theme Customizer). Locate the GD > Ninja Forms widget, and add it to your sidebar. More details about GD Ninja Forms

It is recommended to display the GD > Ninja Forms widget on Listing Details page. 

You may also use the gd_ninja_forms shortcode to display the widget anywhere in the content area or in your templates: 

[gd_ninja_forms form_id="3" text="Contact form" post_contact="1" output="button"]

GeoDirectory Claim Form

GD Claim Form allows users to submit their business details to site admin in order to claim the listing as theirs. 

GeoDirectory Claim Form requires the Claim Listings extension. Learn more about integrating Ninja Forms with Claim Listings extension

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