How to Lock Franchise Fields?

In Franchise Manager extension, you can lock certain franchise fields. All Franchise listings will then share those "locked" fields with the Main listing, and will not have their own individual values for those fields. 

For instance, if "Comments" are locked, all franchises will show the comments section from the main listing and any comments/reviews that are left by users will show up for all listings, be it the main or a franchise listing. 

How to Lock Franchise Fields?

You can lock fields when adding a new main listing. First, head to CPT > Add New. 
Next, in the CPT Information section, be sure to check "Has Franchise?" option to Yes. 
Following that, you can select the fields to lock in the Lock Franchise Fields section. 

You can lock most of the available fields, including comments. 

Optionally, you can also set the default locked fields with a comma-separated list when specifying Franchise fields. 

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