Franchise Manager Setup Guide

This setup guide will run through a typical setup of the Franchise Manager extension from start to finish.


The Franchise Manager extension allows users to submit listings for chains of businesses or franchises faster and allows directory owners to monetize those listings. 

For a full list of features see the Franchise Manager product page.


The first step if you haven't already, is to install the Franchise Manager extension. This can be done by following our guides on how to install an extension.

Step 1 - Settings

Once installed and activated, you can find the Franchise Manager settings at GeoDirectory > Settings > Franchise Manager.

The option shown below will have an effect on the way franchise listings are presented on the frontend of your website.

The Franchise Manager extension comes with sane defaults meaning the default settings will work for the majority of users, however, there are many customizations that can be done via the settings, for a full explanation of what all the settings do please see our settings overview.

Step 2 - Enabling Franchise Support

For each CPT that you wish to add franchise listings, you need to enable support for Franchise Manager. 

Navigate to CPT > Settings > General and click the Show Advanced button
Tick the checkbox next to Enable Franchise? option, and save your settings. 

You can now start adding main and branch listings for that particular CPT listings. Read how to add main and branch listings.

For every CPT that has support for Franchise Manager enabled, three new custom fields will be added: 

  • Has Franchise? 
  • Lock Franchise Fields 

Step 3 - Integration with Pricing Manager

Franchise Manager offers seamless and out of the box integration with Pricing Manager

To access these tweaks, navigate to CPT > Settings > Packages. Read the Pricing Manager documentation for details. 

You can fully disable the "Add Franchise" option for particular packages by adding Has Franchise to Exclude Fields.
Alternatively, you can enable the "Add Franchise" option, but specify the price for each extra franchise. To do so, simply specify the price in the Franchise Cost field. 

Once you have set things up, it is time to add Franchise Main and Branch Listings. Check out our guide about the same here.

Troubleshooting - Unable to See the Franchise Info

If you are unable to add franchise listings even after activating the extension, please double check and ensure that you have: 

  1. added the "Has Franchise" field to the CPT and set for Active,
  2. added a listing and set the "Has Franchise" field to "Yes",
  3. visited the listing with "Has Franchise" selected and checked the GD > Author Actions links for the option "Add Franchise". 
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