How to Add Main and Branch Listings?

Franchise Manager extension lets you specify listings as "main listing", and users can then add branch listings for the same. 

Make sure you have enabled Franchise Manager support for the CPT to which you are intending to add main and branch listings. For details, refer to our Setup Guide

Adding a Main Listing

When adding a new CPT, you will notice two extra fields:

  • Has Franchise? - If checked, the listing becomes a main listing. 
  • Lock Franchise Fields - You can specify certain custom fields that will be locked. Any fields that are specified as locked are not editable in branch listings. 

Once saved, the listing becomes a main listing and new branch listings can then be added to it. 

Adding a Branch Listing

Branch listings can only be added:- 

  • from the frontend 
  • by the same user that added the main listing. 
For every listing that is marked as main listing, you can add the "Add Franchise" link to the frontend using the GD > Author Actions (widget, shortcode or block). 

It is recommended to add GD > Author Actions to the sidebar, and display it only on Listing Details page. 

Upon clicking the "Add Franchise" link, you will be presented with the frontend Add a Listing form. This is where you can add the branch listing. 

The custom fields locked in the main listing cannot be edited in the branch listings. If such fields are edited in the main listing, the changes will be reflected in the branch listings. 

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