How to Add the Location Switcher to Menus and Widgets?

Location Manager comes with a Location Switcher that can be added to frontend menus to help users switch locations. 

You need to have the Location Manager extension installed and activated to access these settings.

Adding Location Switcher to Menu

Basically, Location Switcher implements the "change current location" feature on the frontend. 

Navigate to Appearance > Menus and select the menu that you wish to edit. 
Locate GeoDirectory Endpoints in menu options. In GeoDirectory Endpoints, find Location Switcher. Check the Change Location box and click Add to Menu.

If GeoDirectory Endpoints option is not visible, use Screen Options in top left to select it. 

Save the menu.
The new menu with the Location Switcher should then be visible on the frontend. 

Any new cities that are created will automatically be available in the Location Switcher thereafter. 

Adding Location Switcher to Widgets

Location Manager also comes with a Location Switcher widget that can be added to any widget area of your theme, such as the sidebar or footer. 

Navigate to Appearance > Widgets.
Locate the GD > Location Switcher widget in the widgets' list. 
Simply drag and drop the wideget to the preferred location, or click on it and select the location.
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