How to Use GeoDirectory Snippet Variables in Rank Math?

This article explains how to use the GeoDirectory snippet variables in Rank Math SEO plugin. It assumes you already have Rank Math plugin installed and activated.

By default, GeoDirectory can handle its own meta data for pages and CPTs. Using an SEO plugin is not mandatory for GeoDirectory.

Working with GeoDirectory Snippet Variables 

If you do not have an SEO plugin installed, custom snippet variables for meta data can be managed from within the GeoDirectory plugin by going to Settings --> General (tab) --> Titles & Meta (sub-tab)

However, when you have Rank Math SEO plugin activated, it will automatically take over GeoDirectory meta settings. 

How to Use Rank Math to Manage GeoDirectory Snippet Variables?

First, you need to go to Rank Math settings -- Rank Math --> Titles & Meta.
In the Post Types section, you will find Places and any other CPTs that might be active as part of GeoDirectory.
Therein, you can add any snippet variable as necessary. To get the complete list of available GeoDirectory snippets, you can go to GeoDirectory Settings --> General (tab) --> Titles & Meta (sub-tab).
You can also edit snippets for custom taxonomies, such as Place Tags and Categories from the same menu in Rank Math. 

How to Disable Rank Math Meta Data for GeoDirectory?

As mentioned earlier, if activated, Rank Math SEO plugin will take over meta settings for GeoDirectory. If you wish to, you may optionally disable this. 

First, head to GeoDirectory Settings --> General (tab) --> Titles & Meta (sub-tab).
You will find the blue banner outlining that Rank Math SEO plugin is active. Tick the "Disable Rank Math" checkbox under it and save the settings. 

That's all, Rank Math will not be used for handling meta data for GeoDirectory content types. 

What about Yoast SEO? 

If you are a user of Yoast SEO plugin, you may refer to our guide here.

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