How to Import/Export Data?

It is easy to import and export your data from or to a different GeoDirectory installation. To accomplish this, you will need to head to the Settings > Import/Export menu. 

There are four broad types of content that can be imported or exported (assuming you do not have any extensions installed): 

  • Listings
  • Categories
  • Reviews
  • Settings

Importing Listings

To import listings from a different website, you will need to upload the CSV file exported from that site. You can choose to either update or ignore existing Listing IDs. 

When importing content, your CSV file should have comma-separated values and UTF-8 encoding. 

Exporting Listings

On the same page, you can also export your current website's listings and import them to a different site. There is an option to specify the date range, as well as the maximum number of entries in a given CSV file. If the target website's WordPress installation has file size or memory limitations, you can grab multiple CSV exports based on specific time periods. 

As the export is generated, the progress bar will show the status. 

Importing and Exporting Categories

If you just wish to import or export categories, the process is the same as for Listings, albeit you need to go the Settings > Import/Export > Categories menu. 

Importing and Exporting Reviews

Again, the similar process can be followed when importing/exporting reviews. However, you also have the option to choose the maximum and minimum ratings of reviews that you wish to export. For example, you can choose to export only Four and Five star-rated reviews. 

Importing and Exporting Settings 

GeoDirectory WP plugin allows you to import and export your settings as well, not just content types. You can import settings from an existing site and continue right where you left off. 

Alternatively, you can click the Download Settings button to keep a copy of your GeoDirectory settings as a backup. 

IMPORTANT - If you are importing to a brand new site, make sure your CSV file does not have any IDs in the first column. If IDs exist, you may delete them, as GeoDirectory will automatically create the new IDs for all imports.

On the other hand, for existing sites, do not delete or modify the IDs, as GeoDirectory will use the ID values to identify which records are to be updated and which ones are to be modified.  

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