Shortcode Builder

All GeoDirectory elements can be added with shortcodes, widgets or blocks.

Where to find the Shortcode Builder

If you have the Classic Editor plugin installed, then you can use the Shortcode Builder to customize your GeoDirectory pages, or any other page or post. You can add all the GD elements like this.


  1. Hover over the Tooltips for an explanation of the options:
  2. Some shortcodes have Advanced Settings:


This video shows how to add the Phone custom field to the Detail page, using the Phone icon and the phone number only. This is how this will look on the Detail page for a listing:

How to Display Meta for Logged Out Users?

By default, Shortcode Builder provides the meta only for logged in users. If you wish to display meta for all users, you can use 'post_author' in 'user_id' field of the shortcode '[uwp_user_meta]' to get the meta for the current post author. Example [uwp_user_meta key="display_name" show="value" user_id="post_author"]

Builder in Tabs

Easily find the shortcode builder on your site by visiting the tabs settings. On the tabs find the 'shortcode' option and click to add it to the tabs on the right. The form options will open and you will be able to find a blue button 'shortcode'. Click that to open the shortcode builder.

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