How to Sell Package Bundles with Geodirectory's Pricing Manager and GetPaid

A package bundle is a new GetPaid Item Type used to sell one or more GeoDirectory Pricing Manager Paid Listing Packages as a single item.

It does not work with FREE listings.

It requires users to pay in advance and submit the listings afterward. 



Bundles use active, paid, public Pricing Manager packages.
Create your packages first.

Add a New Bundle 

Follow these steps:

  1.  Make a new GetPaid Item: GetPaid > Items > Add New.
  2.  Set the Item Type as bundle:  In the Item sidebar (meta), change the GetPaid Item Type to 'Bundle Of Packages'.

  3. Set the total price and assign packages to the bundle. Use the list of packages to set counts for packages included in this new bundle.

  4. Save the item. 
  5. To allow users to buy bundles, copy the shortcodes in the sidebar OR use the GetPaid block anywhere on your site by inserting the item ID OR use the URL in a link (for example if used in a pricing table)..

Examples of Buy Bundle buttons:


You can add the GD > Bundle Posts widget to a sidebar or profile tab where your logged-in listing owners can see links to add listings remaining in their bundles.

Get Paid - Sell your bundle.

Use GetPaid's forms or the Item->buy-button to Get Paid.

Button — Once the Item is saved, it will also show the new shortcode for the buy button. Copy the shortcode and place it on your pricing page, sidebar, header, or footer to offer your new item for purchase by your visitors.

Form - Visit the GetPaid form builder to make a form specifically to sell your bundles.


If you want to sell subscriptions, be sure to use a GetPaid Gateway add-on that supports recurring billing, like PayPal or our free Stripe gateway. 

Not all Payment gateways support recurring fees.

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