Booking Marketplace - Rooms Setup

This will guide you through setting up rooms in the Booking addon. You should have first completed the Booking addon setup guide. 


The rooms feature allows listing owners to sell multiple rooms for one listing.  This is a useful feature for things like Bed and Breakfasts and small hotels.  Rooms can be individually named, priced, and booked.

Step 1 - Add the Custom Fields

For users to be able to use this feature, it must be enabled. To do this, add the "Multiple Units" and the"Number of Rooms" custom fields to your add listing form.
Add the field to CPT (Places) > Settings > Custom Fields.

Step 2 - Enable Multiple Rooms on the Listing

You should have already added the "GD > Booking Owner Management" block/widget on the Single Details page template.
If the listing owner has not yet enabled booking, they will see the following message:

The listing owner can now edit their listing to enable multiple rooms and set the number of rooms they have.

Then, on the listing view, they can "Setup Bookings" to adjust the settings

Step 3 - Individually Name and Price Each Room

On the bookings setup screen (popup) you will now see an option to select what room you wish to edit data for:

After you select the room you wish to edit and click the "Edit Price Data", you can then set the name and individual settings for the room and save them.

Setup Complete!

Now when a guest views the booking forms or calendar on your site they will see an option to select what room they are checking:

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