Booking Marketplace - Setup Guide

This setup guide will run through a typical setup of the Booking Marketplace extension from start to finish.


The Booking Marketplace extension extends your directory by allowing listing owners to sell full-day bookable services such as holiday accommodation.  You can choose to take a commission percentage and/or add a service charge (like Airbnb).

For a full list of features, see the Booking Marketplace product page.


The first step if you haven't already, is to install the Booking Marketplace extension. This can be done by following our guides on installing an extension.

Step 1 - Install Required Plugins

The Booking Marketplace uses GetPaid to take payments.  If not already installed you will be prompted to install or activate the required plugins, GetPaid and GetPaid Wallet.  These plugins let you take payments and allow listing owners to request withdrawals from their wallets

Step 2 - Settings

Navigate to Settings under Booking > Settings

Here you can set how your booking system should function. Set your commission rates and add a few cancellation policies listing owners can choose from.  See the settings documentation for a more detailed overview.

NOTE: If you have the pricing manager installed you can set commission rates per price package.

Step 3 - Add Booking Custom Fields

Navigate to your Custom Post Type (CPT) custom field settings. Places > Settings > Custom Fields.
Here you will see some new custom fields added by the addon. Apart from the main booking setting, all other fields can be used in conjunction with our advanced search addon so users can filter by all these fields.

Booking: This allows the listing owner to enable booking functionality on their listing. This field is required for booking to work.

Nightly Price: Listing owners can set a specific nightly price, this can also be set in the owner settings. (optional)

Cancellation Policy: Here the owner can select one of the predefined cancelation policies you added in the main settings. (optional)

Property Max Guests: Setting this will show guest numbers on the booking form and in the booking details (optional)

Property Suitable for Infants: Owners can set if their property is suitable for infants or not.

Property Suitable for Pets: Owners can set if their property is suitable for pets or not.

Step 4 - Add Booking Blocks / Widgets for Owner Setup

Add the GD > Booking Button block to the details page template. If the owner has enabled booking on their listing they will then see two buttons on their listing, one to set up booking and one to view current bookings.

Step 5 - Add Booking Blocks / Widgets for User Bookings

Next, we need to allow users to book the listing, for this there are two blocks, GD > Booking Form and  GD > Booking Availability.
Much like the AirBnB widgets, the booking form is required, the booking availability block shows a calendar and when picking dates it will change the dates and prices on the booking form.

Add the GD > Booking Form block to the details page, this block allows users to book dates.

Optionally you can add the GD > Booking Availability block to the details page. This block shows availability and changes the main booking form, as such the booking form should be located near the booking form so users can see the booking form prices and dates update.

Step 6 - Wallet Setup

When a booking is made, the owner's wallet will receive the booking amount minus any commissions.  You should add the GetPaid > Wallet block either to a user account area or even to the details page.

Withdrawals are not enabled by default, to enable them you can set them up under GetPaid > Settings > General > Wallet.
You can view all wallet transactions under GetPaid > Wallet Transactions.

Step 7 - Advanced Search Addon Setup (optional)

If you have the advanced search addon installed you can add the extra booking fields to the search bar so users can filter listings that suit their booking needs:

Setup Complete!

When a booking is placed, it will appear under Bookings > Bookings, here you can see the booking details and your commissions.

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