Managing Classifieds and "Sold" Functionality in GeoDirectory

GeoDirectory v2.1.1.5 has added support for classifieds and real-estate sold functionality. This feature lets you list certain properties as "For Sale", wherein you can mark them as "Under Offer", or "Sold" after a successful sale. 

How it Works? 

First up, you need to enable the feature by heading to CPT > Settings > General and then navigating to Classifieds/Real-Estate Sold Settings options. 

This is where you need to enable the necessary Classifieds features -- Sale Agreed, Under Offer, and Sold. We recommend enabling all the three, but you can selectively enable any of those. 

The Sold functionality in GeoDirectory integrates seamlessly with the default WordPress behavior. The above features that you activated are essentially post statuses, that allow you to set the CPT Listing status to "Sale Agreed", "Under Offer", or "Sold". You can set these statuses for listings in bulk (or for each listing individually) right from the WP backend. 

To allow your users to be able to change the listing sold status from the frontend, GeoDirectory provides a Sale Status custom field that can be added to the listing form, right from our Form Builder. 

Additional Info

  • Once you have enabled the Sold features, the search option will display the fields "Set Status" and "Include Sold" to filter listings in search results. 
  • Similarly, the GD > Author Actions widget will also display buttons such as Mark as Sold, Mark as Under Offer, Mark as Sale Agreed, etc. to edit listing status. 
  • Bear in mind though, the Sold status essentially moves your listing to unpublished, so it is not viewable to the public. Sold listings, however, will still show up in search results.
  • Check out this tutorial to learn how to create classified website  
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